Of the Year Awards

AWSC "Of The Year" Award Program

Wisconsin's snowmobile trail system is made possible by the volunteer efforts of AWSC snowmobile clubs and members.  Each year, the AWSC solicits nominations for their "Of The Year Winners" to recognize those club members who truly go above and beyond.

Recognition/Award Categories:
  • Snowmobile Club of the Year
  • Young Snowmobiler of the Year
  • Snowmobiler of the Year
  • Snowmobile Family of the Year
  • Volunteer Groomer of the Year
  • Dealer of the Year
Please read the Of the Year Nomination Requirements (link below) and download the applicabble nomination form for your nominee. 

2020 Nomination Requirements for the "Of the Year Award" Program

Nomination Forms: * To obtain Microsoft Word Nomination Forms, email stormyh@awsc.org

‚ÄčNomination deadline is June 30, 2020.