AB434 Passes

AB434 passed the Assembly last Tuesday (93-0). It went onto the Senate and passed late Friday, November 6, 2015 (32-0).

1.  It eliminates the need for antique snowmobiles (35 and older) to display a trail pass.

2.  Allows a commercial certificate holder (dealer plates) to put a trail pass with the dealer plate and move it from sled to sled, without having to put a trail pass sticker on the windshield.

3.  Allows for operating a snowmobile with a temporary operating receipt until the trail pass stickers arrive in the mail.  This will only apply to the $30 trail passes sold by the DNR.  It does not apply to the $10 discounted trail pass sold to club members through the AWSC.

4.  Allows non-residents to register their snowmobiles (35 and older) as antiques.  The same as Wisconsin residents.