Executive Board Members

To send an email to one of the 2014-2015 Executive Board members, please click their email address listed below. 



Dave Newman
Phone: 715-223-4051 (Cell # 715-212-7914)
Fax: 715-223-8234

Email: dnewman@ceas.coop

 Vice President

Lori Heideman
Phone: 715-325-7126 (Cell # 715-741-0488)
Email: racingator@wctc.net 


Sue Smedegard
Phone: 715-656-3855 (Cell # 715-791-0082)
Email: suesmed@gmail.com


Andy Malecki Jr.
Phone: 920-494-3052
Email: afmelm@sbcglobal.net

 Executive Director
(for AWSC County Dir & Reps)

Sam Landes
Phone: 608-849-7680 (Cell # 608-513-3591)
Fax: 608-849-7681
Email: slandes58@gmail.com






Pictured from left to right:  Sue Smedegard, Lori Heideman, Andy Malecki,
Dave Newman and Sam Landes.